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Main services

[toggle title=”Environmental Education”] Organize environmental events for ourselves as well as other organizations.
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[toggle title=”Program Development and Training “] – Carry out waste/energy audit carried out in.
– Develop and implement strategies to reduce inefficiencies.
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[toggle title=”Environmental Partnerships “]Sustainable Environmental Business Partnerships development between organizations locally and globally.
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[toggle title=”Clean Technology Transfer”]We will work with our clients to facilitate access to the following:
– Renewable Energy
– Process Intensification
– Waste to Energy

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Environmental Partnerships

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We facilitate collaboration between organizations in Africa, North America and Europe with the aim to meet environmental and business goals.

We facilitate partnership between various groups that have similar mandates/ objectives specific to a particular project been handled by Environfocus. Such mandates and groups include but not limited to the following:

  • Development of communities in Africa
  • Economic Empowerment of communities in Africa– Including those aimed at empowering women e.g. Micro financing
  • Environmental Sustainability, Sustainable livelihood
  • Private sector Investors that can use the “identified opportunity” as a resource/commodity
  • Public sector

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