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Business & Community Engagement



The Challenge
The need to make sustainability mainstream is paramount and to quicken the process we have to enable the interaction between green businesses and the community.

The Solution

We offer our clients the opportunity to showcase their green initiatives, products and services through our community engagement platform – EnvironBuzz™ increasing their market share. We have access to a large group of people interested in sustainability issues through our various online forums via social media

We organize events such as tours, conferences, training workshops, tree planting, seminars and contests which. Our trademarked community events are Eco Tours and Exhibition™ (international), Eco Rendezvous™ (local) and EnvironFocus Show and Tell™.

We have successfully carried out over 50 community and business events since 2010 and have successfully increased  awareness on sustainability issues and their solutions within the GTA and internationally and showcased numerous businesses at these events and online. Some reports from past events can be viewed in our Library

Other Services