The Challenge

There are a number of issues facing clean technology transfers today. Some of the key issues are finding sources of clean technology; funding and financial restraints; technical expertise and know-how; determining which technology fits the needs of businesses; and making optimal use of clean technology.

The Solution

We will work with our clients to facilitate access to clean technologies that include but not limited to:

– Energy Efficient technologies
– Renewable Energy
– Process Intensification
– Waste to Energy

What is Clean Technology?

Clean technology covers programs, projects, processes and equipment that reduces our human impact on the environment.

Switching to Clean technology

Switching or implementing clean technology is important as it assists organizations meet their environmental compliance requirements as well as places organizations at the fore front of sustainable development. Such organizations become role models and most importantly achieve their triple bottom lines. Triple bottom line implies that the organization’s decision making ability is environmentally, economically and socially sound in the long term.

Working alongside Community Businesses

EnvironFocus Incorporated working alongside community businesses will provide the following services

  • Environmental Audits – to identify gaps
  • Provide High quality products that qualify for rebates and incentives. Assist you with your rebate application and work with you to get the maximum rebate possible.
  • Installation and Disposal
  • Financing, if required

For more information about the program contact us at 1866 463 1104 or via email at

A Safer and cleaner lighting option for our children

A Safer and cleaner lighting option for our children

Other Services

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