Developing continents, like Africa are in need of clean technologies that will help them meet their developmental goals as well as mitigate and adapt to climate change. Countries in the North, have access to these technologies and are looking for business opportunities where their products and services can be used optimally.

How can we help?

EnvironFocus provides an avenue for sustainable business development between the two parties.  We work with clean technology organizations interested in expanding into African countries. We will assist in business development activities that include market research and securing appropriate partnerships. In some cases we will work directly with organizations to introduce their products and services directly into the African country’s market of choice.

Are you a clean technology company Interested in expanding in the African market? We can help you.

What is Clean technology? Clean technology covers programs, projects, processes and equipment that reduces our human impact on the environment.

Switching or implementing clean technology is important as it assists organizations meet their environmental compliance requirements as well as places organizations at the fore front of sustainable development. Such organizations become role models and most importantly achieve their triple bottom lines. Triple bottom line implies that the organization’s decision making ability is environmentally, economically and socially sound in the long term.

Are you a clean tech company interested in expanding into the African market? Send us a message