The Challenge

To reduce our human impact on the environment and meet new environmental requirements set by governments and stakeholders, organizations are required to get actively involved in improving their sustainability performance in all aspects of their business. The need for sustainable communication online, in the workplace and within communities they reside is paramount to ensuring continued growth in market share, employee retention and investors relations.

The Solution

We work with you to educate your staff on sustainability and engage them in activities that center on sustainability principles.

Lunch and Learn – Our Lunch and Learn sessions are informal sustainability training sessions held during lunch breaks that run between 30 -45 mins.

Environmental Stewardships – We create opportunities for staff to participate in activities that include: Tree planting and coastal cleanups in partnership with the City.

Other events include tours, conferences, training workshops and seminars. Click here to see past events and view our photo gallery for some pictures. Click here to view some event reports in our library.

We have successfully carried out numerous business events since 2010 and have successfully added value and improved work environments.