The Challenge

How do you get trained on managing environmental management solutions? How do you develop programs that are sustainable, adaptable and flexible? How do businesses and communities facilitate training events and eventually acquire certification?  While everyone is aware of the need for training the challenge is finding the right training model, materials and of course the right educators.


Customizable Training

We all know that one size can never fit all.  Since our training programs are designed to be flexible and adaptable, we can customize training material, events and methodology to suit your business needs.

Why Train

Having trained employees or community members results in them learning new skills that can help reduce errors, eliminate guesswork and build confidence that things are being done the way they should.  Untrained people end up making mistakes that could lead to inefficiencies and could cause businesses to lose customers, incur financial losses or face legal action.


If your organization believes certification is necessary, EnvironFocus will work closely with you to find out exactly what your real needs are and the type of certification you require and organize training sessions and related materials to ensure you and your team complete the prerequisites to obtain certification.

The Solution

Our customized training curriculum will assist your organization to close the knowledge gap on relevant environmental regulations and  environmental issues affecting your organization’s ability to meet compliance requirements. Our training will provide environmental management/sustainability solutions. The training we provide follow set industry environmental standards that can lead to certification, if and when required.

Program Development and Training

Other Services

If you are interested in our training services, get in touch with us...

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