Nigeria like most African nations has a waste management problem. This is because most of the waste streams that are being produced and are proving difficult to manage are of western origin. They are innovations of the West and not originally part of the culture/way of life of the African people hence their inability to successfully manage these wastes. Examples include – Metal cans, plastics, e-waste, paper, tires and so on.

In line with these observations, and in line with EnvironFocus Mandate, which is knowledge, skill and technology transfer from developed countries to Africa, we have embarked on establishing SWRC Nigeria.

SWRC Nigeria is a non-government membership-based organization involved in policy, education, and project work around the issues of consumption, waste generation, reduction and diversion, and recycling.

SWRC Nigeria believes that society must minimize its impact on the environment by reducing and eventually eliminating waste. Its mission is to inform and educate all members of society about the generation of waste, the avoidance of waste, the more efficient use of resources and the benefits and consequences of these activities.

It is modeled after the Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) in Canada and is run under the mentorship of RCO in Canada. RCO is the key organization in Ontario that has helped manage Ontario’s waste generation activities and shaped Ontario’s waste policy till date.

The objectives of SWRC Nigeria are as follows:

  1. Maintain an association of groups and individuals interested in environmental sustainability, including waste management, recycling and pollution prevention in   Nigeria.
  2. provide information and resources to the IC&I sector,
  3. provide the public with information and resources through various programs,
  4. Recognize best practices through our Awards program,
  5. Improve Nigeria’s recycling rate through the development of innovative stewardship programs.
  6. Improve Nigeria’s recycling rate through the development of innovative stewardship programs
  7. Promote solutions to waste management by the reduction, re-use, and recycling of waste materials
  8. Promote solutions for environmental sustainability and pollution prevention by advocacy and education.
  9. Instigate effective environmental and waste management practices.
  10. Advocate the reduction of pre and post consumer waste.
  11. Investigate systems for the extraction and use of waste materials.
  12. Research markets for secondary resource materials.
  13. Seek domestic and industrial uses for secondary materials.
  14. Consult with government, industry, and others on initiatives for environmental sustainability including waste management, recycling and pollution prevention.
  15. Assist current, and promote new, waste reduction and environmental opportunities and endeavours in Nigeria
  16. Recommend procedures compatible with environmental sustainability.
  17. Advise on fiscal, funding, and business systems to members.
  18. Provide information services and communicate with organizations having similar purposes.

The board of directors are as follows:

  1. Obiageli (Obie) Agusiegbe – EnvironFocus, CEO – President
  2. Taiwo Adewole – Taiwo Adewole and Associates, CEO – Provost
  3. Bekeme Masade – CRS in Action, Executive Director – Secretary
  4. Chigo Ekwensi – UBA, Product Manager/ Head of Expatriate banking – Treasurer
  5. Jo-Anne St. Goddard – Recycling Council of Ontario, Canada, Executive Director –Member