Safe Drinking Water for Nigerian Communities

Connecting Nigerian Communities to Safe Drinking Water

Would you like to provide a Nigerian child, family, school or village or community with access to safe drinking water?

Here is your chance to do so and make an impact – Purchase a LifeStraw (s) for a child, family, school, community or village of your choice and we will make sure it gets to them.

Select a LifeStraw Product

Connecting Nigerian Communities to Safe Drinking Water

LifeStraw Community

Safe for Schools, health facilities, Internally Displaced Camps (IDPs), Community settings and emergency response. Provide safe water for up to a 100 people

LifeStraw Family

For Families, Students living in School housing, etc Provide safe water for up to 10 people

LifeStraw Go - Stage 1

A filter in a bottle. Used by students, field staff, Anyone on the go.

LifeStraw Mission 5 L and 12 L

It’s Ideal for use for expeditions, army corps, missions etc. Provide safe water for 10 – 25 people

LifeStraw Family 1.0

Ideal for use in IDP camps, outdoors to collect rainwater  etc. Provide water for up to 10 people

LifeStraw Personal

Ideal for children, adults, fishermen etc. For personal use.


The Project

The Nigerian people are constantly suffering and dying needlessly from various waterborne diseases, the most predominant being Typhoid. The Safe Drinking Water Project provides an avenue for individuals and organizations wanting to assist a Nigerian school, village, orphanage, Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp etc. with access to safe and clean drinking water free of pathogenic micro-organisms that cause waterborne diseases. EnvironFocus Limited in partnership with interested NGOs, Charities and Businesses are working to provide Nigerian Communities with safe drinking water by providing  them with LifeStraw.

LifeStraw will provide access to safe and clean drinking water from any source, anywhere. It reduces the need to constantly buy bottled water or water packets (pure water) leading to a reduction in plastic waste generation.


Water is Life! LifeStraw has been saving lives through their water filter. You definitely will get crystal clear water as we are already getting as one of the beneficiaries of the Safe Water Project. The filter is easy to set up and the usage is also easy for both adults and children.

Folashade Amodu

Director, Start Right Centre, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

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