Safe Drinking Water for Nigerian Communities

Connecting Nigerian Communities to Safe Drinking Water

Would you like to provide a Nigerian school or village community with access to safe drinking water?

Here is your chance to do so and make an impact – For $430 USD, one LifeStraw Community will be given to a Nigerian community of your choice.

All About LifeStraw Community

Connecting Nigerian Communities to Safe Drinking Water

LifeStraw Community

Safe for Schools, health facilities, community settings and emergency response

An instant microbiological water purifier

A high-volume point-of-use water purifier with built-in safe storage that provides safe drinking water for community, educational and institutional settings. It prevents waterborne disease such as diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, worms, and cryptosporidiosis.


  • Advanced hollow fibre membrane ultrafiltration with 0.02 micron pore size also removes viruses
  • Removes 99.9999 % of bacteria (E. coli, etc.)
  • Removes 99.99 % of protozoa (Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc.)
  • Removes 99.999 % of viruses (Rotavirus, Hepatitis A)
  • Filters 70,000 -100,000 liters*
  • Filtration rate 12L/hour* Serves about 75-100
    people per day


  • Independently tested by WHO Meets highest performance category (3 stars – comprehensive protection)
  • Meets US EPA drinking water standards
  • All LifeStraw products have a certificate of quality


  • Easy to assemble, fill and use
  • Simple to maintain
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • No repeat intervention

Clarification and Purification

It clarifies and purifies water from any water source – Rivers, Stream, Ponds, Wells, Lakes etc


  • 50 Liter Capacity
  • 25 liter dirty water tank
  • 25 liter safe water tank

The Project

The Nigerian people are constantly suffering and dying needlessly from various waterborne diseases, the most predominant being Typhoid.

EnvironFocus Limited in partnership with interested NGOs, Charities and Businesses are working to provide Nigerian Communities with safe drinking water by providing a community with a LifeStraw Community. LifeStraw is committed to redefining the safe drinking water space through technology innovation, product quality, design and programs that have measurable impact.

The LifeStraw Community will provide access to safe drinking water from any source, anywhere. It reduces the need to constantly buy bottled water or water packets (pure water) leading to a reduction in plastic waste generation.

Project Objective

To provide  Nigerian communities with LifeStraw Communities.



Contact us today to buy a LifeStraw Community for a community or send an email to

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