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Lets do this for our children and their children....Lets make Green mainstream...

The Green Challenge

Now more than ever with the ever-growing list of environmental challenges that plague our communities, the need to become more environmentally conscious has become a top priority.  All over the world and in Canada, there are solutions to these challenges already in existence. Also, innovative ideas, products and services that enable sustainable living are constantly being developed but the people have little or no information as to how to access these solutions.

The EnvironFocus Solution

EnvironFocus™ Show and Tell is a networking event that brings communities and the green vendors together.  It works on the basis that all businesses have the opportunity to promote their products and services but the Green Vendors (Vendors that take time to take on green initiatives or have green products or services) are the main attraction while other businesses participate as event sponsors.

What is EnvironFocus™ Show & Tell

EnvironFocus Show and Tell™ event is a market transformation mechanism, promoting sustainability in business and educating the public on green options.The event showcases “Green” as well as “Culture”.

EnvironFocus Show and Tell event is a celebration of the Green Entrepreneur. The Green Entrepreneur or Vendor is one that offers environmentally conscious products and services. She (he) does her (his) best to reduce the impact of her (his) services/products on the environment by implementing programs, providing sustainable products and services and using suppliers that do little or no damage to the environment.

Attend EnvironFocus™ Show and Tell

EnvironFocus Show and Tell

Venue: 157 Lakeshore Rd. W., Mississauga, ON L5H 1G3
Date: November 25, 2017
Time: 2-8pm

Cost: Free to attend

There will be presentations from 3 -6 pm. Participating Green vendors will be available from 2-8pm, with their ideas, initiatives, products and services on display with information on how they are better for you and the environment. Everyone is welcome at any time throughout the event. Registration is not required but is appreciated for planning purposes only. Refreshments will be available from Vendors. To be a Vendor or Sponsor contact Laura at 18664631104 ext 105 or send an email to: environbuzzatenvironfocus.com

Register for EnvironFocus Show and Tell:

Eventbrite - EnvironFocus Show and Tell



Show and Tell was Awesome

5 5 1
Show and Tell was a well organized event worth attending. Communities need to get involved in environmental issues and I am so glad that EnvironFocus is paving the way - the green way - forward! Keep up the excellent work.

Loved Show and Tell

5 5 1
Met a lot of environmentally conscious people who are keen on promoting sustainability. The event was superb. When is the next Show and Tell coming up? Can't wait to attend.

Excellent event

5 5 1
Show and Tell Was well organized with focus on details and environmentally conscious vendors...loved every aspect of the event!

Very informative and inspiring

5 5 1
I was impressed by the projects that the vendors were undertaking. The speakers had a positive message for those who want to make a difference. It was uplifting but also down to earth. It is highly recommended for anybody who wants to engage in entrepreneurship or want to explore environmental career options or network. Also highly recommended for those looking for volunteer or not for profit opportunities.

Show and Tell feedback

5 5 1
The Show and Tell Event was very Interactive. Got me thinking more in a green conscious way, knowing that in everything we do we must be thinking about our beautiful ecosystem. Environfocus made me realize that being alive is a gift I also made a lot of friends. Thanks Obie for this event To life and more life !

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