Reducing our human impact on the environment and meeting new sustainability requirements set by governments and stakeholders require organizations to improve their sustainability performance in all aspects of their business. EnvironFocus will help you with the following using our experience and approved technologies:

  • Develop your ESG Strategy 
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality Analysis 
  • Designing & Implementing Sustainability Program

Communicating credible ESG data in their workplace and communities is paramount to ensuring continued growth in market share, employee retention and investor relations.

How can we help?

Our staff will work with your organization to develop your ESG Strategy, which will require measuring and benchmarking your ESG performance to create and implement sustainability programs in alignment with your existing business activities based on industry best practices.
Using a combination of frameworks such as ESG Frameworks, including GRI, SASB, TCFD, CDP, GHG Protocol, and GRESB, we can identify areas in your business that will mitigate your business risk taking into consideration the financial, environmental and social aspects.

Once your risks are identified, we help you improve your sustainability profile with program development and implementation based on your business processes. You can use our social impacts programs like education and Access to Water programs.

Depending on your business, we can work closely with you to determine your needs and the type of business certification you require. We can organize training sessions and related materials to ensure you and your team know the Certificate requirements and implement programs leading to Certification.