The Water Project

The Safe Drinking Water Project is an environmental social and corporate governance (ESG) project/ Corporate Social Investment (CSR) opportunity. It provides a platform for individuals and organizations to assist Nigerian schools, villages, orphanages, internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, and health centres with access to safe, clean drinking water and sanitation and hygiene workshops.

Message From Our Donor | Operation Mmiri

“We would like to highlight the benefit to the donors.  We weren’t expecting that the project, especially the video, would have such a profound effect on us.  The project is maybe our greatest accomplishment.  The accomplishment of a lifetime.
When we watched the video, we felt a rush of: happiness, satisfaction, giddiness, joyfulness, peacefulness, completeness, fulfillment, the anterior cingulate of my brain is stimulated, connection to the recipients, a gift from the heart not from the purse, a road to Damascus experience, all gifts come from God.  We felt blessed and full of grace.  All of these feelings still remain.”
~ Philip and Eleanor

EnvironFocus and the Safe Drinking Water Project are official members of The Water Action Hub: a global online collaboration and knowledge sharing platform for water sustainability and climate resilience.