Become a Partner

The Time is Now: We are at a time in terms of determining the kind of world we want to build. If we want to build a just, equitable, inclusive and sustainable world, we each need to think about the role we can play in this. Businesses and organizations hold incredible potential to make an impact. We must act now, and we must do it together. 

Why partnership? The hypothesis underpinning a partnership approach is that only with comprehensive and widespread cross-sector collaboration can we ensure that sustainable development initiatives are imaginative, coherent and integrated enough to tackle the most intractable problems. 

Let’s Create Change Together: As a company, what you do means do much more than what you say. Corporate partnerships are a great way to demonstrate what your organization believes. Join us if you want to make lasting impact on any or all of these causes: 

  • Education
  • Women & Girls
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Health
  • Sustainability 

Partnering with the SDWP: EnvironFocus is seeking to forge successful partnerships to carry out larger projects with greater impact. We are constantly looking for organizations and individuals interested in aligning their activities with social responsibility initiatives like this one. Partnering for safe drinking water provides benefits for all involved. It is a worthy corporate social investment opportunity. 

Here are a handful of ways your organization can partner with the Safe Drinking Water Project: 

  1. Corporate Sponsorship: Traditional corporate sponsorships are an effective and easy way o demonstrate your organization’s commitment to solving the global water crisis.
  2. Cause Marketing: There’s no better way o tell your consumers you support clean water than by putting it on your packaging. Work with us to create impactful messaging that links your brand to this important cause. Cause marketing can include things such as digital campaigns or per-product donations.
  3. Gifting: Whether it is a one-time gift or recurring, corporate gifts are a vital source of funding for our program. There is no minimum commitment. Impact reports and stories will be shared to demonstrate the impact attributed to any donation made. Water and sanitation are top issues of concern for today’s global consumers, which means it is a mutually beneficial investment for your business as well. 

Connect with your consumers: Consumers love brands with social purpose– and water is something people really care about around the world. By partnering with us, you will align your brand to a cause close to the heart of millions of people. We can provide your business with valuable exposure through marketing materials, website and social media postings. 

Partnership Benefits: We are dedicated to building tailored partnerships that meet your company’s needs and deliver shared value. We love co-creating and innovating with the private-sector. 

Some benefits we commonly offer are: 

  • A Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) referenced sustainability report that will speak to your organization’s sustainability contributions. 
  • Pictures/videos of communities served provided for your use.
  • Your impact highlighted to our extensive audience via our EnvironFocus weekly newsletter (12k+ subscribers), EnvironBuzz Magazine (3ok+ subscribers), and our social media platforms (15k+ followers) with an audience ranging from Canada to Germany to India! 

For more information on partnering with EnvironFocus for the Safe Drinking Water Project please contact: or fill form below.