Impact A Community Positively

We are doing as much as we can to impact communities positively. Work with us today to impact a community positively. To make impacting easy for you, you have the option of donating towards the purchase of an instant microbial water filter to provide safe drinking water to schools, health centers or internally displaced people (IDP) camps. We will give an account of all monies donated towards this cause. For product information and cost in Naira (N) click here, in Dollars ($) click here. Thank you for your donation.

When you donate..

The positive economic, environmental and social impacts arising from the provision of safe drinking water to these poor communities can be documented in donors’ Sustainability Reports as described in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

Pictures /videos of communities served will be made available to donors to be used for their purpose. Donors may connect to the communities helped. Donors, if interested, will be recognized in various news outlets, including our EnvironFocus newsletter and be featured in our online magazine (EnvironBuzz –, which has over 30,000 subscribers and gets over 1000 visits daily. They will also be featured on our social media pages – Twitter – @EnvironBuzz, @EnvironFocus, Facebook – @EnvironBuzz @lifestrawnigeria and Instagram – @EnvironBuzz @lifestrawng @safe_water_project. In addition to the exposure received directly from our channels, we have partners that will showcase participating clients to their networks.