Impact A Community Positively – Your CSR

Impact A Community Positively – Access to Safe Drinking Water in Africa. This could be your #CSR / #CSI initiative. Partner with us to have positive environmental and social impacts in communities.

We work from a place where every partnering entity meets its primary objectives for collaboration. The partnership is transparent, fair, equal, and non-discriminatory to all sides – a win-win for all. Our primary goal is to address Sustainable Development Goal 7 (#SDG7): Access to water and sanitation in communities. Based on the client’s requests, we can design the project to meet new goals. Additional goals include Good Health and Wellness (#SDG3), Climate Action (#SDG13) and Partnerships(#SDG17). As the project proceeds, we may meet more SDGs. Interested organizations should get in touch. 

Impact A Community Positively with Instant Microbial Water Filters

To make impacting easy for you, you can partner with us to distribute instant microbial water filters to schools, health centers or internally displaced people (IDP) camps. We will give an account of all monies donated towards this cause. Click for product information and cost.

Impact a village by providing them with a borehole/well – water scheme

Working with our geophysicists and engineers, we can provide a village with access to water via drilling boreholes/wells with the associated storage tanks and pumps to create a village’s water scheme.

Impacting a community positively with sanitation and hygiene workshops

Working with EnvironFocus Partners, we can provide sanitation and hygiene workshops.

When you Partner..

The positive economic, environmental and social impacts from the provision of safe drinking water to these vulnerable communities can be documented in partner’s Sustainability Reports as described in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

Pictures /videos of communities served will be made available to donors to be used for their purpose. Partners may connect to the communities helped. If interested, partners will be recognized in various news outlets, including our EnvironFocus newsletter and featured in our online magazine, EnvironBuzz™ Mag, which has over 30,000 subscribers and gets over 1000 visits daily. They will also feature on our social media pages – Twitter – @EnvironBuzz, @EnvironFocus, Facebook – @EnvironBuzz @lifestrawnigeria and Instagram – @EnvironBuzz @lifestrawng @safe_water_project. In addition to the exposure received directly from our channels, Our affiliations include newspaper channels and influencers that will showcase participating clients to their networks. 

Impact A Community Positively – Your CSR. Interested? Send an email to