Donate to the Safe Drinking Water Project

You can help this cause by donating today! 

All donations will be used towards the purchase of a microbial filter product, to drill a borehole for a community, or to provide a sanitation and hygiene workshop.

Your donation contributes to:

  • Health: Without access to clean water, people resort to using and drinking water from contaminated sources, leading to preventable waterborne diseases like diarrhea and cholera. Your donation will reduce mortality rates and improve health in Nigerian communities.

  • Education: Meaningful education cannot be guaranteed where water is not available at school and sanitary facilities are not separated by gender– girls will often not attend school during their periods if sanitation is inadequate. Further, time spent on education is lost because families often pull their children from school to help fetch water. Without children being able to advance their education, cycles of poverty often continue generation after generation.

  • Women & Girls: Lack of water and sanitation services is especially hard on women and girls. They are often the ones responsible for collecting water. It is estimated that 40 billion hours is the time women in sub-Saharan Africa spent walking for water each year. When they have access to safe water, all this changes. They have time to work, study, and spend time with their families.

  • Physical Security: When women and children have to go to share latrines or open spaces to defecate, they are vulnerable to harassment, attacks, violence or sexual assault.

  • Economic Prosperity: Spending hours each day fetching water or battling waterborne diseases causes people to lose money on medical costs and lose time they could spend on income-generating activities. When families regain their time and health, they can focus on education and job opportunities that lead to a better future.

  • Environment: By providing sustainable water filtration products, you help to reduce single-use plastic pollution that comes from plastic water bottles and water sanitation packets.

  • Breaking the Cycle: Water forms the very foundation of society. Without clean, accessible water, there remains a cycle of poverty.